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Random ramblings and musings of my cluttered cranium.


Telepost Office

Miguel Saballa

I went to the post office earlier today to pick up a pair of boots I ordered on eBay; it was a major pain. Let me step back a little and give you an orientation about my country’s post office. Customs is notorious for being among the most corrupt department in my country. You’re probably wondering why I had to go to the post office myself. That’s because they don’t deliver to your address. Yes, you need to go there yourself to pick your package up. I never got a message from them that my package arrived. The last tracking status on eBay is usually “Package is at a sorting facility in the Philippines”. I play guessing games with the actual arrival date and give it around 1-2 weeks after that status is displayed before I actually go there and give them my tracking number to see if it arrived. If you’re lucky, it’s there.

Besides the long and bumpy trip to get there, you’re required to pay more fees on top of the shipping and import charges I already paid on eBay. More fees for documentary stamps and another fee in the counter where you claim your package. You need identification to validate that the package is yours and the windows are manned by people who don’t even return your change until you ask them to.

I got my package but paid more than I should have. I’ve worked in Singapore before and tried shopping online countless times. My package is delivered straight to my home or office and I don’t even pay anything extra. It just goes to show how inefficient and far behind my homeland is.

With all that said, teleportation cannot get here any sooner. But at this rate, I’ll probably have to pay teleportation tax or something here. It’s more fees in the Philippines.