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Random ramblings and musings of my cluttered cranium.


The Golden Age of Mobile

Miguel Saballa

We live in the golden age of mobile. When most people would give you an example about devices and gadgets, I’m thinking about a  food truck.

My band recently played an outdoor gig at a university festival and I couldn’t help but notice a big, yellow food truck in between the run-of-the-mill food stalls. I was impressed at how it was only manned by a crew of three, and it served a long queue of people rather well. People would order food at the front part of the truck then they’d get a number and just wait at the back end of the truck. They served really great burgers. Another neat thing I realised was that after the festival, the food stalls had to worry about packing up their stuff, taking down the tents, and wait for a transport to carry out everything while the food truck can just be driven off to the next location.

I came across a quote  by Albert Einstein saying, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” I’m guessing that’s why the concept of mobile has been so successful recently. Websites are responsive or designed with a mobile-first (I honestly think it's still okay to do desktop first) principle. Statistics for people browsing the internet on a mobile device is continually increasing. Creating a successful product requires you to be noticeable, of great quality, and mobile—just like a big yellow food truck.