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RepairLync is a platform for bridging customers with vehicle issues and repair shops. These are users who want to maximise their search for repair shops providing value-for-money services and for repair shops who want a platform to advertise their services and get a perspective of their competition.


This application had to start from scratch. I had to begin by designing the brand for this app. Below are the results of the corporate identity design.



This app had a larger scope because it dealt with 2 platforms. The first was a mobile platform for Android users and the second would be a web platform for the repair shops. Below are the wireframes I presented.



The wireframe process took over a month to sign off. Once this was complete, it was fairly easy to skin the rough wire frames into production-ready screens. Below are the results of the wire frames with the approved theme.


Web Design

Once the mobile designs were signed off, it was time to design the web platform which receives the requests sent from the users' mobile app. Below are sample key screens created for the repair shops.


The app has currently signed-off on all design work. Overall, I enjoyed this project because this was the first time I designed for the Android platform. I'm used to the iOS patterns and I'm an iPhone user myself. I might have made some Android pattern mistakes but the experience was rewarding so far.