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SelfieFi is an all-in-one photo app for iOS which allows users to create frame-by-frame animations/video. I designed the visuals as well as the app flow. My process involved looking at a lot of photo app references and taking key elements which work best for my client's needs.


I started out drafting the logo and branding elements like typography and iconography to be used. It took me a few iterations before arriving to the final set which you'll see below.



The app doesn't have a complicated structure being a photography app that has a linear experience. I started out making sketches on paper and rough drawings. It didn't really take too long to identify what I needed to create so I proceeded almost immediately to design.


What I liked about the approach I took for this app was how dynamic the design was going to be. The base design was just a combination of neutrals like grey, black, and white. The colours would come from the type of photos users would be working with.

The dynamic part is when users load a photo, the app would take that same photo to the background, stretch it, apply a blur, and finally apply a black overlay at 60%. I discussed this flow with the developer, and I was happy to know that this would be possible.

Below are the set of screens which display the app's features. This includes camera settings, adjustment settings, filters, frames, text options, as well as an audio feature.

I was generally happy with the outcome of the app. This was a breath of fresh air from the usual type of systems that I design. I also created some of the promotional materials and supporting assets.