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Snappd is a platform for social retail. I designed the application structure as well as the user interface and visuals. The process involved a lot of planning and communication with the client. Together, we set up how the business model would function including how users and merchants would interact.

I started with initial sketches and rough wire framing. I then presented these to the client for discussion; this was done to have a grasp of the application. Refinements were done over a course of 2 to 4 weeks.


Once the wireframes were in place and there was already a proper understanding of the application structure, I then proceeded to create the visuals. I started out with rules for typography, main colours, and iconography.

Typography made use of the Museo Sans family with weights at 700 for bolder primary texts, and 300 for secondary/long copy texts. Snappd's main colours made use of loud, bright colours. The client wanted to go for a feeling of fun and engaging.

Lastly, for iconography, there were many types of contexts to consider. Different yet related icon styles were created for the different sections of the application.

Once the general style guide was set up, it was easy to theme the wireframes in the established patterns. What needed more attention to detail were the app illustrations; these were done to establish a visual style supplementing the style guide. I personally created the application's illustrations which were a visual guide in walking the user through Snappd.

Below are examples of key screens following the style guide. These were based on the approved wire frames and flow diagrams.

Snappd also included a feature which allows users to collect stamps. This was another aspect where I had to provide the visual elements. This was my favourite part of the app since I enjoyed making these illustrations. Unfortunately, I was a bit pressed for time on these; I would have wanted to put more detail into them but I guess they still turned out pretty well.


Below are more examples of other key screens in the app. The merchant screens display how users interact with one of many of Snappd's merchant partners. 

An initial version was release on the App Store on 2013. Initial testing was done with a few users but this was not pursued further due to technical issues encountered such as the location features of the app. Development was also postponed due to external issues. Currently, the use of beacon devices are being considered.